​Should you add a sweetener to your coffee?

Posted by Alejandro Cano on Apr 24th 2017

Should you add a sweetener to your coffee? This is a question that many coffee experts often ask. Truth is, coffee has hundreds of ways to be prepared. Coffee preparations range from the classic black or regular coffee to the popular high sugar content coffee commonly prepared by famous coffee shops, whose coffee preparations can have up to 18 teaspoons of sugar. “That is a lot of cover up”. In the end what matters is the consumer palate. Or is it? 

The issue with high sugar coffee preparations is that it takes a toll on your overall health, and it modifies the originality of the coffee bean. At Cano Coffee Company we want you to always enjoy your cup of coffee, this is why we believe in finding the best quality coffees, so unique, that one day ultimately a sweetener will not be needed.